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We offer free consultations to ensure you are well informed throughout the entire process. This goes for both tattoos and piercings.


About Us


The Black Pearl Tattoos and Piercings Toronto (Voted One of the Best Toronto Tattoo Shops) first opened its doors on April 5th, 2014. After a long and drawn out search for the perfect location, we finally found oneā€¦ Danforth Avenue.

Here at The Black Pearl (Voted Best Toronto Piercings Shop) we will ensure that our positive atmosphere and cleanliness will make every Tattoo and Piercing experience nothing but the best.

We are 100% sterile and are health board regulated with Toronto Public Health. We welcome all styles of tattooing, from Old School to Realism, you want it, we can do it! So come stop by, take a look, we can promise you, you will not be disappointed!


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